Darnell is a photographic visual artist who always had a passion for creative imagery and expression of feelings through different art forms. His career sparked when he took interest in seeing the world through the lens of a camera, also including the fact his girlfriend played a huge roll. Hearing him speak about photography daily she surprised him with his first camera.
Becoming infatuated with expressing oneself through the scope of a camera, Darnel wanted to focus on more than just seeing himself as a photographer. He sees the work he does as being bigger than himself, which is the reason behind is brand "Visual Prosperity." Darnell hopes to inspires people through relatable and visual art that evokes more than a like on social media, but a spark of emotion when experienced.
Much of Darnell's style is influenced by just every day life and even the possibility of what life can be for most. He acknowledges the fact that the world is what people make it, how they see themselves. Using images to inspire, he wants every people and even his clients to make that happen. 
Darnell studies his clients so that he can gain a deeper understanding of who they are and how they create what he considers "Magic" together. Keeping his creative thought process free flowing and allowing himself to be versatile in his style has helped him work some talented individuals, including former NFL player Chris Hope of the Tennessee Titans.
Being a Bronx, Native while having roots in South Carolina and now living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Darnell has work in fashion, lifestyle campaigns, beauty, fitness and more.

"Life is journey of many seasons and moods. Lets not forget to capture and cherish these moments as the future opens up to us"    
- Darnell McCoy